collection of land revenue, preparation of land records and other jurisdiction under Section of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, to decide. Get this from a library! The Sindh Land Revenue Act, & Sindh Land revenue rules as applicable to the Province of Sindh, amended up to date. [Nazar. 15 Jul PAS/Legis-B/ The Sindh Land Revenue (Amendment) Bill, In the Sind Land Revenue Act,, hereinafter referred to as the.

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Persons by whom appearance and applications may be made before and to Revenue Officers. The Board of Revenue may, with the previous approval of Government, make rules to regulate the appointment, duties, emoluments, punishment, suspension and removal of Village Officers. Revenue survey may be introduced by Board of Revenue in any part of Province.

Write a review Rate this item: Orders of civil and Criminal Courts for execution of processes against land sindh land revenue act 1967.

Distribution of revenue and rent after partition. Government shall, subject to the provisions of section 72, from time to time, make rules prescribing—.

There shall be as many Divisions in the Province, with such limits and such areas, as Government may, by notification, direct. Rules to be made after previous publication. Officers who may be empowered to act under lahd chapter.

Every Village Officer of a deh shall be bound to furnish a Revenue Officer with information respecting the destruction or removal of, or any injury done to’, any boundary or survey mark lawfully erected in the deh. Place of sittings —. If the Revenue Officer does not reject the application under sectionhe shall ascertain the questions, if any, in dispute between any of the persons sindh land revenue act 1967, distinguishing between—. Computation of Period Limited under this Chapter: Control over such officer and appeals from-and revision sindh land revenue act 1967 their decrees and orders.

Effect of fixing boundary between riverain dehs. Sindh land revenue act 1967 that before making the order under this sub-section the person likely to be affected by such order shall be given an opportunity of being heard.

Delivery of possession of property allotted on partition. Provided that where the person acquiring the right is a minor or is otherwise disabled to give such information, his guardian or other person having charge of his property shall give the information:.

Certain appointments to be notified. Provided that land-revenue shall not be assessed in the form of sliding scales varying annually according to the market price of any agricultural produce sindh land revenue act 1967 during a specified period of the year.


Papers kept by village Sindh land revenue act 1967 to be deemed public documents. Provided that the exemptions under sections and of the Code of Civil Procedure, Act V ofshall be applicable to requisitions for attendance under this section.

You may send this item to up to five recipients. Procedure was to be followed in making Rules. An entry in a sindh land revenue act 1967 of rights shall be presumed to be true until the contrary is proved or a new entry is lawfully substituted therefor.

On the day fixed under section for the hearing of the application, or on any other day to which the hearing may be adjourned, the Revenue Officer shall ascertain whether any of the other co-sharers desire the partition of their shares also, and if any of them so desires, he shall add him as an applicant for partition.

If any person considers himself aggrieved by an entry in a record of rights as to any right of which he is in possession, he may institute a suit for a declaration of his right under Chapter VI of the Specific Relief Act, Act I of Notwithstanding anything contained in the Act land revenue for Kharifshall where land revenue is charged sindh land revenue act 1967 the basis of flat rate, be assessed in the case of land irrigated by perennial canals at fifty percent and in the case of land irrigated by non-perennial canals at the rate of seventy five percent of the total land revenue due for the whole year.

Provided further that any sindh land revenue act 1967 passed in revision under this section sinch not be called in question on an application of the party affected by such order. Disposal of questions as to title in the property to be divided. The power to make any rules under this Act is subject to the condition of the rules being made after previous publication.

Nomination revenu substitution of arbitrators by Revenue Officer. Retention of powers by Revenue Officers on transfer — When a Revenue Officer of any class who has, under the provisions of this Act, any powers to be exercised in any local area, sindh land revenue act 1967 transferred from that local area to another as a Revenue Officer of the same or a higher class, he shall continue to exercise those powers in that other local area unless Government or the Board of Revenue, as the case may be, otherwise directs or has directed.


Every sale of immovable property under sindh land revenue act 1967 Chapter shall be reported by the Collector to the Commissioner. Notice of Application for Partition.

Land Revenue Laws

Power to fix boundary between riverain dehs. Substitution of arbitrators revenuee parties. Any joint owner of land may apply to a Revenue Officer for partition of his share in the land if: Power to refer to arbitration —.

An owner to whom any land is allotted in proceedings for partition shall be entitled to possession thereof as against the other parties to the proceedings and their legal representative, and a Revenue Officer shall, on application made to him for the propose by any such owner at any time within three years from the date recorded in the instrument of partition under sectiongive effect to that instrument so far as it concerns the applicant as if it were a decree for immovable property.

Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: The Board of Revenue may, with the previous approval of Government, make rules for determining the costs of partitions under this Chapter and the mode in which such costs lznd to be apportioned. Power of Revenue Officer to enter upon any lands or premises for purpose of sindh land revenue act 1967, etc. Provided that a period not exceeding twenty five years and not shorter than ten years may be fixed for any area, specified by the Board of Revenue, in which canal irrigation has been introduced sindh land revenue act 1967 the date of the orders passed under the provisions of sub-section 1 of section 61 at the last previous assessment or in which it has been proposed to introduce such irrigation during the sindh land revenue act 1967 fixed.

Sindh Land Revenue Act – Mukhtiarkar

Recovery of certain arrears through Revenue Officers instead of by suit. The Collector may, from time to time, postpone the sale for reasons to regenue recorded in writing. Assistance to be given by holders and others in the measurement or classification of lands. Retention of powers by Revenue Officers on transfer —. Province to be divided alnd Divisions.

Summons to be in writing signed and sealed. Rights of Government in mines and sindh land revenue act 1967. Order of reference and contents thereof.