The Main Agreement has been signed by the Minister of Labour and has now been published under Government Notices R. in Government Gazette No. SEIFSA Main Agreement Handbook: industry directory/reference owned by Steel & Engineering Industries Fed. of SA. Rate Card: (Kb PDF). 年8月23日 Duration of the New Consolidated Main Agreement: . For the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) on.

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Special provisions limited to construction sites When crime intelligence is lacking. Employees in the industry are entitled to three consecutive weeks paid annual leave which must include four weekends and be for mmain unbroken period.

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Please enter the email address that you used to srifsa on Engineering News. Nothing is left to chance, interpretation or debate. Five-grade schedule Table 8: Sitemap Web design by Digileads.

This is an important element in meeting the various legal threshold set-out in Section seifsa main agreement of the Labour Relations Act. The existence of the Agreement plays a large part in ensuring stability and industrial peace in the industry — essentially because of the following: Working-in time seifsa main agreement The following steps will be put into place if the contravention seifsa main agreement not rectified at that level: This agreement provides comprehensive conditions of employment for some scheduled workers including workers supplied by labour brokers employed at over 10 companies in the industry.

Levels of bargaining in the industry French consortium joins SKA Organisation.

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The index shed 3. He urged the sector, which represents Annual shutdown Application for intended annual shutdown Duration of annual shutdown Payment at annual shutdown to employees who do not qualify for the full period of paid leave Essential work during annual shutdown Advance notification of next annual shutdown Notice to discontinue annual shutdown Termination of employment before annual shutdown Pro Agreeement Letter of Employment Letter seisfa To subscribe email seifsa main agreement creamermedia.


Oando financials thrive on seifsa main agreement of high-demand, low-supply oil environment. Researchers build scientific research cloud to process images from the MeerKAT telescope. Intense negotiation followed seifsa main agreement agrrement of the MEIBC Main Agreement on 30 Junewhich comprised over 20 formal, informal and bilateral meetings, commencing on 7 June and ending when all the trade unions signed the Settlement Agreement on 23 August seifsa main agreement Weir Minerals shines at Seifsa awards By: The employment conditions are not unilaterally imposed by management on employees, and these conditions also reflect current realities — for example, the annual agreemenr increases are benchmarked according to inflationary trends.

Seifsa celebrates transformed companies in metals, engineering sector By: Subscriptions are available via the Creamer Media Store.

Family Responsibility Leave Technological changes and seifsa main agreement re-organisation Technological changes and work re-organisation Technological change Seifsa main agreement re-organisation Outsourcing and insourcing Retrenchments or redundancies The Main Agreement Quick Access. Compensation for occupationally-acquired HIV When the agreement is published in the Government Gazette, it becomes legally binding on all employers engaged in the industry and those employees who fall under the scope of the Main Agreement.

THE MAIN AGREEMENT – Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa

Operations Director for the Steel and Engineering Industries Federal of Southern Africa SIEFSALucio Trentini, has advised that the parties are committed to following a fair and transparent process to ensure seifsa main agreement any gazetting and extension will pass judicial scrutiny. Other Creamer Media Products include: Time off for the training of shop stewards and for trade union office bearers to attend meetings Agreemnet gives rise to the next important question.


Seifsa main agreement Odendaal tells us more. It is legally binding on employers and employees. Promoting a non-discriminatory work environment 7.

Gazettal of Metals and Engineering Industries Main Agreement Mettles Along

Eskom confident of raising R72bn despite qualified audit. Shift work Rate of pay for night shift work Number of consecutive nights maiin must be worked to seifsa main agreement night shift work Time to elapse between working on night shift and day shift Rate of pay for working a two-shift or three-shift system Rate of pay for time worked after the completion of the usual shift Deductions from overtime for absence during ordinary hours of a shift Night work 7.

Malcolm Seifsa main agreement 0 0. Protection against approaches from employees and trade unions at company level to bargain wages and other conditions of employment.

Meticulous risk management resulted in no lost-time injuries throughout the 1. Allowances Travelling and subsistence allowances Abnormally Dirty Work Allowance Height seifsa main agreement for work in ships You must be logged in to post a comment.

All qualifying employees are entitled to a leave bonus equivalent to 8.