J2SE Interview Questions and Answers will teach you now that Java Platform, Standard Edition or Java SE is a widely used platform for programming in the Java. 8 Jul j2se interview questions .. Answer of 15th question is false, please check and edit with appropriate answer. ReplyDelete. काव्य संग्रह. 8 Jan 50 Best Java J2SE Interview Questions and Answers, Java J2SE Multiple choice Questions and Answers.

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The second generation of the Java platform.

Check out this post for a more in-depth analysis. When an object is passed by reference, this means that the actual object is not passed, rather a reference of the object is passed. What Is Abstract Method? What is an Applet?

An applet can use the user interface classes, while a servlet does not have a user interface. Static variables will be allocated memory space when they have ajd loaded. What is the difference between using bind and rebind methods of Naming Class?

All the collection classes in java. What is meant by binding in RMI? The differences of these elements are listed below:. Also, PreparedStatement objects can be reused with different input values to their queries. See also derived from. Transmission Control Protocol based on IP. The second method requires an object as a parameter and aims to decide whether the input object is equal to the comparator.

The Remote interface serves to identify interfaces whose methods may be invoked from a non-local virtual machine. See JSP interviea here. What Is Embedded Java Technology? The default size is 0.

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Java Interview Questions and Answers – The ULTIMATE List

queshions Check some RMI Tips here. What is the difference between doGet and doPost? The sendRedirect method creates a new request, while the forward questiobs just forwards a request to a new target. Each modifier imposes different access rights to other classes, either in the same or in external packages.

Instance variables and methods can be added, deleted, or changed, but as long as the services provided by the object remain the same, code that uses the object can continue to use it without being rewritten. Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment.

In Java, the constructor is a block of code used to initialize an object.

It enables the unreliable delivery of individual wnd from one host to another. Such objects occupy the heap memory space until they are eventually collected by the garbage collector.

It acts as a building block for Java language-oriented systems. Wnswers is the difference between a Choice and a List?

What Are Constructors in Java? A Java keyword used at the beginning of a source itnerview that can specify classes or entire packages to be referred to later without including their package names in the reference. A Web server hosts Web sites, provides support for HTTP and other protocols, and executes server-side programs such as CGI scripts or servlets that perform certain functions.

What differences exist between HashMap and Hashtable? Constructors are invoked using the new keyword. A intreview policy domain has the following characteristics: This process is called marshalling and the revert operation is called demarshalling. Encapsulation provides objects with the ability to hide their internal characteristics and behavior. On the other hand, a servlet is a server side component that runs on the web server.


Any idea about the role that you have applied for? An abstract class can have abstract methods that are not implemented in the abstract class, but in subclasses. The differences between session and a cookie are the following:.

Overriding occurs when there are two methods of the same name and properties, one is in the child class and the other is in the parent class.

J2SE Interview Questions & Answers

On the other hand, the previous request scope objects are available after forwarding. A thread can acquire the lock for an object by using the synchronized keyword. The written answer is incomplete in reference with question Answer What Is Security Policy Domain? An act whereby one principal authorizes another principal to use its identity or privileges with some restrictions.

A declaration that reserves storage for data or provides implementation for methods. Thus a rowset — is an ideal format for sending data over a network to a thin client.