Interferometria Holografica Digital – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Esta basado en el estudio sobre la Interferometria Holografica. Gesualdi, M.R.R. () Técnicas de Interferometria Holográfica Usando Cristais Fotorrefrativos da Família das Silenitas Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto. Meaning of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms Técnicas de interferometria holográfica usando cristais O objetivo .

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This method allows the detection of minute movements of the order of nanometers, as well as overall qualitative and quantitative visualization of the trajectory of the tensions generated upon load application.

Verh K Acad Geneeskd Belg ; These images show that the tensions created in the area of application of force are more intense and that these tensions are dissipated and absorbed as they are transmitted along the mandibular bone. The importance of humidity in the in vitro study of the cranium with regard to initial bone displacement after force application. Eur J OrthodShchepinov V, Holografca VS. Discussion The principle of holographic interferometry states that the displacement caused by the action holohrafica a force on a body is directly proportional to the number of fringes, and its direction is perpendicular to that of the fringes.

The principle of holografuca interferometry states that the displacement caused by the action of a force on a body is directly proportional to the number of fringes, and its direction is perpendicular to that of the fringes.

INTERFEROMETRIA – Definition and synonyms of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary

Interferomeetria I ; Jose E. Yamada 17 stated that the hardness of dry compact bone is 1. This method, however, is not as accurate as holographic interferometry because it uses only the object beam to form the image.

They stated that formalin fixing causes agglutination of collagenous fibers. The holographic images showed that: Resolution is that of the order of the laser wavelength or that of a photographic film Eur J Orthod ; Introduction Several fields of Dentistry, such as Prosthodontics, Hologrsfica, Orthodontics, Periodontists and other, have employed various techniques to evaluate stresses distribution, including photoelasticity, mechanical models, finite element analysis and strain gauge interferomeetria The use of macerated skull as an experimental model in holography has, however, been questioned recently.

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Holographic interferometry method for assessment of static load stress distribution in dog mandible

An average two-fold tension increment was observed in the experimental conditions. Location of the centre of resistance of the upper dentition and the nasomaxillary complex.

Em seguida, foram randomizadas em 2 grupos: The incidence of laser light upon the developed film showed the image of the mandible with a pattern of fringes, caused by the interference produced by superimposing the two holograms.

In fact, stress transmission in the experimental conditions jnterferometria twice as large as in the control group. The reconstructed image of the hologram contains most of the interferpmetria of the object.

At the same time, beams from the same laser source hit the mirror. Because of the short time of formalin fixing, significant changes in the biochemical composition of the bone tissue may not have occurred.

The following equations 16using data of Figure 3were used for quantitative measurement of displacement. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that macerated bone specimens have a different behavior when compared to that of fresh bones.

The dry skull model in orthodontics. It is also known that the force is directly proportional to the displacement Hooke’s lawi. Qualitative analysis of stress distribution in tooth-implant and implant-supported prosthesis by intrferometria of holographic interferometry method. All components were secured on an optical table buffered by compressed air Newport in order to interferoemtria vibrations.

The use of mathematical programs or artificial models of resin material to simulate real conditions is not particularly ideal.

Despite some limitations of the use of macerated anatomical specimens as an experimental model for certain studies, holographic interferometry is an efficient method for measuring minute displacements and for analyzing tension distribution. Figures 45 and 6 show images of specimens of fixed right hemi-mandible, fresh left hemi-mandible and macerated left hemi-mandible, respectively.

Braz Oral Res ; Given that the process of maceration leads to bone drying and loss of fibrous connective tissue, a question remains as to whether the results obtained with macerated skulls could be transferred to the in vivo situation.

Effect of different prosthetic restorative materials on occlusal load distribution. Thus, the load cell measures local deformation, and it is known that the elasticity module of the bone depends also on its location. Quantitative Analysis Data relative to the comparison between fresh and fixed specimens as well to the comparison between fresh and macerated specimens are presented on Tables 1 and 2respectively.

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Strength of biological materials. After sedation and euthanasia of the animals, the mandibles were surgically removed and all the surrounding soft tissues skin, mucosa, ligaments, muscles and gingival tissue were removed.

After initial holograms were taken, 12 fresh hemi-mandibles were assigned to 2 groups: The difference in phase between a reference ray and the object ray to be analyzed produces an interference pattern that is recorded on a high-resolution photographic plate hologram. When activated, the laser illuminated the surface of the tension-free hemi-mandible and was reflected object beamreaching the holographic film. In the present study, the macerated specimens presented a larger number of fringes, with smaller spacing between them.

Photoelastic analysis of stress distribution on parallel and angled implants after installation of fixed prostheses. Am J Orthod ; A difference in the direction of stress transmission was also observed.

Yamada H, Evans FG. Chorres I ; Antonio C. Results Qualitative Analysis The holographic images showed that: The experiment was carried out in a totally ijterferometria, draft-free environment. Thus, by analyzing the number of fringes and the displacement produced, one can refer to the direction of the tensions.

Meaning of “interferometria” in the Portuguese dictionary

Because the holographic method is highly sensitive to small bone displacements and deformations, and given the controversy among researchers as to the use of macerated skulls, and the difficulty of obtaining fresh post-mortem human skulls, the purpose of this study was to compare the distribution of tensions produced under static load in fresh controlmacerated and fixed dog mandibles. The holograms obtained in the present study revealed that there was a difference in the stress transmission among fresh, fixed and macerated mandibles.

In nolografica previous study 10moisture in fresh dog skulls may have influenced their results in comparison to macerated skulls, by making them less rigid and leading to a less pronounced displacement of bone. This study compared the transmission of tensions in fresh, fixed and macerated dog mandibles in order to clarify the diversity of behavior of bone tissues under dry and moist conditions.