He saved Peyton Lockhart’s life when they were kids — but now she’s all grown up and he’s a seasoned FBI agent who comes to her rescue again in the new. When a woman’s dream for the future turns into a nightmare, a handsome FBI agent makes her vulnerable to more than she ever imagined in this novel. I don’t know what it is about Julie Garwood that keeps her at the top of my eagerly awaiting list. Her heroines typically are gorgeous and naïve.

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I really enjoyed that one — set in the bayou — and laughed a lot. The fact that I am giving up on Julie Garwood book, probably one of my fave authors of all time, is really painful. After Finn MacBain saved her life when she was a child, she started a ritual that she would carry on throughout the years. Peyton the heroine was such a lovely character and I was pleased the story ended how it did.

Peyton and Finn don’t actually reunite until well into the book.

Julie Garwood Jjlie Julie Garwood is among the most yotshot acclaimed – and popular – romance authors around, with thirty-six million copies of her books in htoshot. If a book cannot hold my interest long enough that I keep on putting it off, putting it off and putting it off says it all. Drew, Randolph’s son-in-law, is sexually harassing her, but HR stonewalls her, she doesn’t take things to Randolph because he’s not in the office 3.


Sexual harassment, violation of employment laws, attempted murder and yet once Drew is CEO no one can touch him? Finn is an FBI agent now, a far cry from the boy who taught her to swim as a child. Open Preview See a Problem? But, I guess that went with him being nulie “hotshot”. Will they find out who is sabotaging them in time to save the resort? Jul 16, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: B Sensuality Hot Book Type: But the job isn’t what she expected and her boss is beyond womanizing Sad to say, I think I’m done with Ms.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Or could it be someone from the magazine, exacting revenge for her sexual harassment lawsuit? That might have worked if some of the scenarios hadn’t seemed implausible.

It’s not as exciting and entertaining as before and I’m not even sure if she’s still the one writing her garwooe novels or someone else is writing for her. He was constantly uotshot trouble and anytime a neighbor came to call, they automatically assumed there was trouble afoot and Finn was the cause. Para mi gusto uno de los mejores de la saga. She had her opportunity and took the money, but let’s give her 11 million chances and hohshot be at all suspicious about it when the resort is being sabotaged.

Aug 05, Sharon Redfern rated it it was amazing. Finn McBain is dubbed a “hotshot” hero at age 14 when he rescues little Peyton, only 5 years old, from drowning in her backyard swimming pool.


Synopsis – Julie Garwood

The suspense was fairly predictable, but not always. I liked both lead characters who were a bit broken but still willing to go another round. Aug 06, Pages Buy.

Hardcoverpages. Finn was swoon worthy and what a strong and great heroine Peyton was. Everyday she would wait for him to come home from gareood. Aug 09, Jacqueline rated it really liked it Shelves: A cousin is brought in as another evil character and she may garwlod been just one evil character too many.

I’m happy Finn confess his feeling – it is so sweet than make me grinning while reading.

Hotshot by Julie Garwood — All About Romance

Recommend to those who also enjoy similar favorite elements with me! Finn is captivated with Peyton from his first look at her as an adult, even before julid remembers who she is. There’s no mention of any Renard or Buchanan relatives, which considering the series name, I was expecting. What is love to her?

Also by Julie Garwood.

Hotshot (Buchanan-Renard #11)

And then the romance part was definitely too quick. View all 3 comments. The beginning was rather slow.