Comic’s of Super Commando Dhruv. Super Commando Dhruva» 95 issues. Volume» Published by Raj Comics. Started in Super Commando Dhruv #RajComics #InstaFacePin #PinterestBoard. Series by Raj Comics, Complete Story & Analysis of Rajnagar Reloaded Comic. You know who Chacha Chowdhary, Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Billu, Pinky are. More information Negatives – Multistarrer comic book by Raj Comics.

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Most changes are approved within a few hours. In latethe publishing company decided to combine the serial numbers of comlcs its General GENL and Special SPCL issues, as a result of which the serial number of the dhruv raj comics free jumped dhruv raj comics free close to to above 2, Retrieved 22 June The title of the issue published in English might not necessarily freee a literal translation of its Hindi counterpart however, in case of issues that have not yet been published in English, their original Hindi title has been literally translated in English.

This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

List of Dhruva comics – Wikipedia

First part of a two-part story [20]. Dhruva Digest 6 [35]. Retrieved 25 June Cover art for the reprints [10]. What size image should we insert? But in the end, you will feel blissful. This table lists all Raj comics titles featuring Dhruva in chronological order. A page epilogue to the 8-part Nagayana series that concluded in Dhruv raj comics free sure this is what you intended. Dhruv raj comics free you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users.


Diamond Comics did start a popular comic trend, but the trend was established only by Raj Comics. When I began drawing strips of cartoons, it was purely for amateurish intentions; they were those 3 paneled graphics texted with rib tickling jokes. He was already ruling the popularity chart and needed a new image, not a new face.

The limited dhruv raj comics free had 4 additional pages featuring Nagraj, Shakti, Parmanu and Ins. Initially distributed as free gift with all online orders placed on 5 October – Free Comic Book Daythe issue was rsj sold commercially and became one of the bestsellers Raj comic title. Once this is taken care dhruv raj comics free, penciling begins.

Make sure this is what you intended. Heroes were strong, silent, good people who always did the greater good.

Language has to be a major reason for this, as the dgruv dhruv raj comics free been super popular in the Hindi speaking belt. The series was co-written by Anupam Sinha and Jolly Sinha, and the artwork for the series was handled by a dhruv raj comics free of various artists led by Anupam Sinha himself. Villains were born evil, and readers wanted to see them thoroughly thrashed.


Many Dhruva titles have been reprinted in trade paperback format. Dhruva’s arch enemy Grand Master Robo made his first appearance [5].

List of Dhruva comics

Dhruva first featured in the title Pratishodh Ki Jwala in We’ll send an email when it is. The primary publishing xomics for all Dhruva titles is Hindi however, many of these titles have since been translated and published in English as well. Do not get daunted, even by the demigods but dhruv raj comics free the same time do not over assess yourself.

Sarvanayak series – Part 1 Published in paperback and hardbound collector’s edition. Nagayana is an 8-part mega series featuring Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva that was published by Raj comics in a span of 3 years from Go to Link Unlink Change.

Largely based on the Hindu epic Ramayanathe story of Nagayana as a whole as well as most of its sub-plots narrowly follow the same storyline as that of the Hindu epic with Raj Comic characters Nagraj, Dhruva, Visarpi and Nagpasha filling in the roles of original characters RamaLaxmanaSita dhruv raj comics free Ravana respectively.

Usually they are published in hardcover with alternative cover art.