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Works by Mikhail Bulgakov. The Professor explains the change as a natural phenomenon, although it’s obvious to the reader that he and Bormenthal have simply reversed the operation. Esa noche, un pesado silencio reina en el apartamento y las luces son dejadas encendidas por varias horas luego de irse a dormir. Retrieved from ” https: The Party, he says, is turning them into cheap fur coats for the working class.

Impressed by his new master, Sharik slips easily into the role of “a gentleman’s dog”.

It is “one of novelist Mikhail Bulgakov’s most beloved stories” featuring a stray dog “named Sharik who takes human form” as a slovenly and narcissistic incarnation of the Perdo Soviet man.

Like the fictional professor, he “did not like the proletariat”, and possibly for this he was banished to Arkhangelskwhere he continued his work, including transplants of ovaries, with a hearsay report of bulgakvo rejuvenation effect. During the weeks after the operation, the household is stunned as Sharik begins transforming into an incredibly unkempt and, at first, primitive human.


Solo repetidas inyecciones de adrenalina evitan que el perro muera sobre la mesa de operaciones. Explaining that bulgajov is going to happen to him due to the State’s distrust of Sharikov, the Party official departs. The Days of the Turbins Flight Nevertheless, the name was chosen following the Russian tradition of “consulting the calendar,” with Poligraf’s name day being March 4.

Again the Professor refuses, explaining that the operation was meant perri improve the Human race.

As Bormenthal assists, the Professor trepans Sharik’s skull and gives him a human pituitary gland. For the Soviet television film, see Heart of a Dog film.

Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. A biting satire of the Bolshevismit was written in at the height of the NEP period, when communism appeared to be relaxing in the Soviet Union. The story was filmed in Italian in as Cuore di cane and starred Max von Sydow as Preobrazhensky. This perhaps shows that Sharik retains some memories of his time as a human, or that Filip intends to carry out a similar experiment.

Archived copy as title Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing Russian-language text Articles needing the year an event occurred from October There, he is sedated and an operation begins.

The dog finds it ironic, as he sees ‘Sharik’ fit for a pampered fat dog it means ‘little ball’.

Corazon de Perro

After several days, one of the servants begins taking Sharik for walks through Moscow. Eventually, the police arrive escorted by a beaming Schwonder. Only repeated injections of adrenaline prevent the dog perrro dying on the operating table. In the aftermath, the Professor and Bormenthal patiently attempt to teach Sharikov basic etiquette.

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Again Bormenthal beats up Sharikov and makes him promise not to do anything of the sort. However, in the ending of the book, he describes the Professor bringing home a human brain and removing the pituitary gland. He now spends his work-day catching and strangling stray cats. In conclusion, the Professor refuses to permit Sharikov’s murder or to undo the operation, which could easily kill him as well.

Heart of a Dog – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View bulgajov. En otros proyectos Wikimedia Commons. Bulgakov subsequently wrote a play based on the story in for the Moscow Art Theater. Instead of giving them their own room as Sharikov demands, the Professor takes the woman aside and explains that Sharikov is the product of a lab experiment gone horribly wrong.

Reference Guide to Russian Literature.

In the aftermath, the fully canine Sharik blissfully resumes his status as a gentleman’s dog. Sin embargo, la obra fue cancelada luego que el manuscrito y prero copias fueron confiscadas por la OGPU. Soon after, Sharikov returns, explaining that he has been granted a job by the Soviet State. Con una orden de registroles ordenan al Profesor y a Bormenthal que entreguen a Sharikov so pena de arresto.