Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra of Maharshi Parasara (2 Volume Set): The Gospel Book of Hindu Astrology With Master Key to Divination [Maharshi Parasara. 9 Sep Effects, like acquisition of a kingdom, happiness from wife and children, acquisition of conveyances, like elephants, gain of clothes, attainment. 12 Dec The book titled Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra in English in PDF format.

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Out of the two, viz. If Shadvarga scheme is considered two or more such good Vargas are known thus: Now, coming back to the Varga names, we Will take up some for clarifications.

The Lords of the year, brihat parashara hora shastra, day and Hora hour of Grah are stronger than the other in ascending order. By adding a sign to Upaketu, you get the original longitude of the Sun. The planet posited in the 10th, 4th, 11th, 3rd, 2nd or the 12th from another becomes mutual friend. The concluding chapter of Vol 1 is the 45th dealing with a number of kinds of Avasthas of the planets.

Divide the time of birth in Ghatis, Vighatis etc. It rules the north and rises with both head and back. If one tries to interpret these Avasthas paeashara proper spirit, he will be able brihat parashara hora shastra detect the diseases the native will suffer.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Similar assessments be made with reference to the Varnada of each Bhava commencing the first and the evils and goods due to parasgara brihat parashara hora shastra be known. Effects of Randhr Bhava Ch. Saothanam Vijaya Dasami to: For further information, see my notes, vide P.


O Brahmin, these are the effects related to Dharm Bhava. Should Ari’s Lord be in Ari itself, or in Lagn, or Randhr, there will be ulcers, or bruises on the body. brihat parashara hora shastra

Should the Moon be conjunct a benefic or aspected by a benefic, she turns a benefic, even if in a waning state. And a common sign aspects the other three common signs. An exchange between Labh’s and Bandhu’s Lords will confer conveyances in the 12 brihat parashara hora shastra year. This sign is a hill-resorter, and is strong in day-time. There are further hints about Hora, vide ch.

Full text of “Parashara Hora Sastra”

The native will marry at 30, or 27, if Sukr is in Lagn, while the 7 th Lord is in Yuvati itself. If Lagn Lord is in debilitation, combustion, or enemy’s Rasi, there will be brihat parashara hora shastra. These Varnada Dasas ar dhastra only for Bhavas Rasis and not their occupant s. The groups as above are as per slokas of ch.

Gemini and its trines have a mix of all the three temper- brkhat, viz. Just as a single reverential obeisance before Lord Shiva, the Trident holder frees one brihat parashara hora shastra all sins, a single, but strong Guru in Lagn will ward off all the evils.

She, at birth, should be in the same Dwadasamsa as she parashraa at Adhana. For fuller appreciation, see the notes given under slokas of the current chapter. Pxrashara he is as well a friend, as he is the lord of exaltation sign of Mars. The names of the Grahas commence from Surya. Some have brihat parashara hora shastra of the former while yet some have the latter in predominance. Brihat parashara hora shastra may be noted that most of even the hoary brihat parashara hora shastra have not gone beyond Dasa Varga scheme.


The native’s wife will die within three days of marriage due to snake bite, if the native has Rahu in Dhan and Mangal in Yuvati. If one is odd and parasharra other is even, then know the difference between the two products. So to say, these Upagrahas and Muhurta velafc can alter in suitable proportions the effects due to Nava Grahas. Surya is the indicator of father for all beings, while the mother is indicated by Candr.

The Moon is very windy and phlegmatic. The others follow in the usual order. If Putr’s Lord is with Candr, or is in her Decanate, the brihat parashara hora shastra will beget daughters; so say Jyotishis.

Keeping the planets at birth as it is, prepare various Bhava charts with brihat parashara hora shastra to each special ascendant and analyse as done for the natal ascendant. Each Shasfra is one fourth of a Rasi. It is reverse in the case of an even Rasi, that these ruling deities are understood.