AISI S200-07 PDF

AISI S DISCLAIMER The material contained herein has been developed by the American Iron and Steel Institute Committee on Framing Standards. AISI S is the new designation for the revised General Provisions standard (AISI, b). This standard addresses those things that are common to. Supplement 2 to AISI S replaced Supplement 1 to AISI S and has AISI S, North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing.

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Documents are prepared M-F during regular business hours. Where warping torsion is checked, the provisions of Section C3.

For design purposes, steel sheet thicknesses are 0. Please do not duplicate and distribute this document.

Cold-Formed Steel Framing Design Guide – 2016 Edition

Please allow business hours for delivery. C-F Fastening Systemspage Select One of Our Sites. The lower of the pull-over and pull-out allowable load should be used for tension design.

In lieu of blocking, ausi edges shall be permitted to be overlapped and attached to each other with screw spacing as required for panel edges.


Distortional buckling calculations have been added to Example 2. Steel thickness for both members must be in the range of 12—22 gauge. It provides a general review of the basic structural principles, and five comprehensive design examples, which cover wind bearing and axial load bearing stud walls, and joists.

Please be sure to include an email address with your order. Fastening Systems — Engineered to Drive Easy: This screw is not recommended for 16 gauge and thicker steel. A catalog including specifications, load tables and installation illustrations for our cold-formed steel connectors and clips.

Strong-Drive® PHSD FRAMING-TO-CFS Screw (Collated) | Simpson Strong-Tie

Screws in the field of the panel shall be installed 12″ mm on center o. The allowable load ASD values shown are not permitted to be increased for short-duration loads such as wind or earthquake loads.

Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Construction.

Applications Cold-formed steel framing and sheet steel sheathing to cold-formed steel. The alternative parapet design using cantilevering HSS posts has been modified to reflect an approach with more flexibility for field installation.


Free CFS Publications from the AISI/SMDI Construction Market Council

See General Load Tables for screw strength. Maximum stud spacing 24″ o.

The tabulated shear values are based on the thinner steel member in connection. The design examples also show both screwed and welded connection details. Screw head or washer diameter, d w is 0. A new Example 5 has been added to illustrate the design of load-bearing framing using ledger framing.

The electronic version of this document will be placed in a Dropbox folder and the purchaser aisj via aissi when it is available for downloading.

Table based on Table C2. The slide clip detail for connecting wind bearing studs has been modified to illustrate a clip more typical of modern construction. No refunds can be issued on digital publications due to the inability to recover the document once it is provided.